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THIS DIET is to be taken with the raw pork pancreas, raw beef liver, raw garlic, and raw cassava juice needed to kill cancer cells, daily coffee enemas to remove the dead rotting cells, and using an electronic zapper to kill whatever parasites come with the raw meats.

The dosages are as follows:

  1. Raw Pork Pancreas. Two (2) tablespoons with every meal (3x a day), and 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach one hour before every meal and just before bedtime (4x a day), for a total of 14 tablespoons daily.

    Raw pork pancreas are very rich in the pancreatic enzymes (chymotrypsin and trypsin) that digest animal protein. They will digest the animal protein outer coating of the cancer cell and remove its negative ion charge, so the immune system cells which also have negative ion charges, can now enter the cancer cell and kill it.

    Unless this outer coating is digested and the negative ion charge removed, the immune system cannot kill the cancer cell, because two negatives repel each other.

  2. Raw beef liver. Three (3) tablespoons at lunch only (1x a day). This is very rich in vitamins and minerals, and is the best blood builder there is. It will strengthen the immune system so it can kill the cancer cell once the cell's outer protective coating has been digested.
  3. Raw garlic. One clove of crushed raw garlic with each serving of raw pancreas and liver to kill the bacteria and viruses that might be in the raw meat.
  4. Raw cassava juice. One 8-oz glass after breakfast and one glass after dinner. This is very rich in Vitamin B-17, which enters the cancer cell after its outer coating has been digested by the raw pancreas, and together with a strengthened immune system, kills the cancer cell.

    When the cassava enters the cancer cell, an enzyme, beta-glucosidase, which cancer cells and not normal cells secrete in profusion, breaks it down into two molecules of glucose, and 2 molecules of strong poisons, benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide, which kill the cancer cell.

    Normal cells secrete a different enzyme, rhodanese, which the cancer cells do not. This enzyme turns the benzaldehyde into benzoic acid, an analgesic, which eases the pains of terminal cancer patients, and which turns the hydrogen cyanide into thiocyanate, a harmless substance which is a natural regulator of blood pressure.

    Thus, cassava juice not only acts like a target-specific smart bomb in killing the cancer cell, but it also has beneficial side effects for the normal cells. Take these dosages for 25 straight days, then take a break for 5 days. During the break, continue to take the 2 tablespoons of raw pancreas with your meals to help digest the food. The break gives the body a chance to get rid of residual dead cancer cells which may not have been removed by the daily coffee enemas.

    Follow this 25 days-on, 5 days-off cycle every month until you are cancer free, then continue the same for another 6 months. If you continue to be cancer free after 6 months, drop to a maintenance dose of only 2 tablespoons of raw pancreas with every meal and the 3 tablespoons of raw liver for the rest of your life.

  5. Coffee enema. This is a high (a 15" catheter goes into the colon), 15-minute retention enema that circulates coffee in the colon (5 minutes lying on the left side, 5 minutes on the back, 5 minutes on the right side) to make the coffee hit the liver and gall bladder areas.

    When it does that, the liver and gall bladder contract, dumping into the colon all the dead rotting cancer cells which the liver had filtered out of the blood. You then dump them into the toilet.

    Once you start eating the raw pancreas and liver, you'll start killing cancer cells by the millions, and these dead cells will start rotting in your body, making you feel toxic (dizziness, headache, fever, muscle aches, joint pains, nausea, even vomiting). This toxic feeling lifts instantly when the enema is done.

    Do the first enema upon waking up in the morning, before breakfast. Be sure to defecate 1st so that there is no obstruction to the circulation of the coffee. If you cannot defecate, do a water enema first to clear the colon of waste, then follow it up with the coffee.

    You may have to do more than one enema a day, because as the day progresses, you continue to kill cancer cells. So play it by ear, do an enema whenever you feel intolerably toxic, because it means you are killing cancer cells faster than you are removing them.

  6. Bio-Electric Zapper. This is an electronic device that runs 1 milliampere of current through your body, not enough to kill a cockroach, but enough to kill all viruses, bacteria, worms, all other parasites. Use it every day to keep yourself free of all these parasites. Parasites can injure tissues, and injuries to tissues trigger the growth of cancer.

    You can choose from two recommended zappers, both of which come with detailed usage instructions. One is the Mayco zapper, locally made by Msgr. Howard May and the other imported from the U.S. from Dr. James R. Overman. The difference between the two is the current from the Mayco zapper penetrates the intestines and kills the good bacteria as well, whereas the Overman zapper does not to avoid killing the good bacteria.

    If the Mayco zapper is used, take a probiotic (example, a bottle of Yakult 3x a day) to replenish the good bacteria in the colon. If the Overman zapper is used, and there are parasites in the colon that need to be killed, take Preventa SC, a herbal supplement to kill the parasites in the colon, and/or Wormex if there are worms. If there are no parasites in the colon, there is no need to take the herbal supplement, just use the zapper.

    For more information on the zappers, contact the author.

How to Prepare the Raw Pancreas and Liver

  1. Buy them early morning from the wet market, so they are freshly butchered. Do not buy more than a week's supply.

  2. Wash them clean. Then soak in a basin of water for 10 minutes with 1/2 half cup of rock salt to disinfect. (Do this washing and soaking of all raw foods that you eat, including raw vegetables.) After the soaking, rub the meats with more salt.

  3. Rinse out the salt and cut the meat into small cubes so you can easily measure it by the tablespoonful.

  4. Wrap up the pancreas 2 tablespoons per packet (you can use a small plastic bag), and the liver 3 tablespoons per packet. Do not season all the meat yet.

  5. Put the packets in the freezer, and get them out to eat one at a time as needed.

  6. Season each packet just before eating, whichever way you want to make it palatable. Just do not use vetsin (MSG) or cook it. Some mix it with wasabi like sashimi, some make it into kinilaw, like marinated mackerel, others like to chew it fresh frozen (it has a nice cool clean taste) which melts in the mouth, sometime dipping it in rock salt.
How to Prepare the Raw Cassava Juice
  1. Get a freshly harvested cassava root (kamoteng kahoy), white, without spots. Cut off 4 inches and slice it thinly. Put in a blender with 2 8-oz glasses of mineral water. Blend at the highest speed for not more than 10 seconds, just until it is liquified.

  2. Put in a glass jar in the refrigerator for 2 hours, until the starch settles to the bottom. Strain out the starch. Keep the juice refrigerated. Drink 1 glass after breakfast and 1 glass after dinner..
Basic Foundations of the Adam & Eve Diet -- Water and Salt

The body is made up of 25% food and 75% water. You got sick because of the foods you have been eating, and the failure to maintain your body's water level at 75%.

Water is to the body what oil is to a car. Without sufficient oil, a car will break down, no matter if it always has a tankful of the finest gasoline, is always washed and greased, and always has new spark plugs. Without sufficient water, the body will break down, because all the cells, the blood, the tissues, the vital organs will get dehydrated. When the water drops below 75%, the immune system drops with it. Drink at least 10 8-oz glasses of mineral water a day (15 glasses if you have high blood pressure) to maintain your body's water level at 75%. Do not drink distilled and reverse osmosis water. They have no minerals. Because water has a natural affinity for minerals, they will draw minerals from wherever they can and will strip your body of minerals. A cancer patient is already very deficient in minerals. Distilled and reverse osmosis water will aggravate this deficiency and worsen the cancer.

Increase your salt intake by at least 1/2 teaspoon of rock salt daily to be able to retain the water (otherwise you'll just keep urinating it out). Water and salt are basic components of the Adam and Eve Diet. Without them, the Diet will not work.

The Adam & Eve Diet
Change your eating habits into the Adam & Eve diet.
This diet will just not make you very healthy, it will rejuvenate you and make you younger. Here's how.

For the 1st 6 months. Eat 100% raw foods. I call this the Adam and Eve diet, because in the Garden of Eden, there was no pugon (stove). They ate 100% raw, and they lived 930 years.

After 6 months. You can eat cooked fish and chicken, but not after 1 p.m. This way you will have 18 hours until breakfast when the enzymes from your pancreas can be used to digest cancer cells and not animal food. Avoid cooked red meats. They are the hardest to digest.

Always eat raw foods first, so your stomach will have the enzymes from these foods to help digest the cooked foods that follow, requiring less work from your own pancreas.

Although you can now eat cooked foods, still eat as much raw food as possible, at least 70-90% of your diet.

Today, the longest living people on earth are the Japanese. In September 2006, Japan had 28,395 citizens aged 100 or older, according to the Health Ministry. The UN estimates that by 2050, Japan will have one million centenarians, the world's largest.

The Japanese eat a lot of raw foods. They eat raw vegetables and fruits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, not just raw fish and raw shellfish. In a Japanese restaurant you can eat 100% raw. Start with a green salad, follow with sashimi, and end with a fresh fruit.

In the Philippines, you can also eat 100% raw. Start with a vegetable salad, follow with kinilaw na tanguingue (raw, marinated mackerel), and finish with a raw ripe mango or a banana.

Raw foods are living foods, cooked foods are dead food. If you plant a raw kamote (sweet potato), after 2 weeks life will be coming out of the soil. If you plant a boiled kamote, it will rot in the soil just like any dead body. We get sick as we grow old because all our lives we keep planting dead food in our bodies. Anything cooked above 40 degrees centigrade loses its enzymes, vitamins, and its minerals become inorganic which the body cannot absorb.

Cancer develops when the pancreas has been so worn down by hard to digest foods that they can no longer produce enough enzymes to digest the outer coating of cancer cells as they come along.

Avoid dairy products because they are also hard to digest, like milk, cheese except cottage cheese, ice cream.

Avoid all foods made with white refined flour, like pan de sal, white sliced bread, cakes, pastries. Rye bread, wheat bread that doesn't use hydrogenated vegetable oils are OK. Instead of white refined rice, eat brown rice mixed with red malagkit (sticky rice). The ratio is 1 cup of brown rice mixed with 1 tablespoon of red malagkit.

Avoid foods and drinks made with white refined sugar, like candies and soft drinks. Cancer thrives in a sugary environment. If you need sugar, use raw muscovado sugar, or raw honey, or maple syrup.

Avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame (Nutrasweet), found in diet soft drinks and Equal. The body converts aspartame into formaldehyde, a chemical used for embalming corpses. It can aggravate diabetes and cause brain tumors. Natural non-sugar sweeteners like Stevia and Xylitol are OK.

Avoid all soy products, except possibly small amounts of fermented soy, like miso, natto, and dark soy sauce (avoid light-colored soy sauces which are highly processed).

Soy promotes cancer because:

  1. It is high in estrogen-mimicking compounds which fertilize the growth of cancer cells.
  2. It blocks the action of enzymes that digest proteins, preventing the digestion by the pancreatic enzymes of the animal protein outer coating of cancer cells.
  3. It blocks the absorption of essential minerals, aggravating the mineral deficiency of cancer patients.
  4. It has hemagglutinin, a substance which promotes blood clots because it causes clustering of red blood cells/
  5. The clustering also prevents the cells from absorbing oxygen properly, and cancer thrives in an oxygen-starved environment.
The usual argument for soy is that the cancer rate in Japan is low because the Japanese eat a lot of soy. Not true. They eat only small amounts of fermented soy with servings of meat or fish which minimize the mineral-blocking effects of soy.

There is more soy consumed in America, like soya milk, soy flour, soy oil, soy ice cream, soy burgers, soy oil-based salad dressings, soy-oil based vitamins. It's in snack foods, fast foods, cereals, prepakaged foods. Check labels for soy content.

Sample Menu
Here is a sample menu for your 3 meals a day,
incorporating the raw pancreas, raw liver, raw garlic, raw cassava juice

Breakfast (100% raw). 1 capful of Goji Juice, 5 minutes before the meal 1 orange or grapefruit or a pomelo 1/2 of a big papaya laced with 3 cloves of crushed raw garlic (delicious with garlic!) 2 tablespoons of raw pork pancreas seasoned according to your taste 2 raw eggs with a pinch of rock salt in each 2 heaping tablespoons of Superfood in a glass of fresh fruit juice 1 bowl of raw cereals (hulled barley, spelt, whole grain wheat, steel-cut oats, buckwheat oats, millet, quinoa, amaranth), pine nuts, raw pepitas and sunflower seeds from Healthy Options stores.

Put the cereals, nuts, seeds in a bowl in equal proportions, like a teaspoon each. Soak the mixture overnight in warm mineral water. The soaking starts germination, which makes them more nutritious, and soft enough to chew in the morning, but still deliciously crunchy. Strain out the water. Sweeten with slices of latondan banana.

Lunch. Start with a large bowl of fresh vegetable salad. Have many different vegetables, like green and purple leafy lettuce, bell peppers of all colors, carrots, cucumbers, turnips (singkamas which is rich in B-17), chunks of apples, red seedless grapes, 3 pieces of raw okra.

Make it as colorful as possible. The nutrition is in the color. Avoid the white iceberg lettuce used for Cesar's salad. It has no nutrition. The red seedless grapes will serve as the dressing. But if you wish, use a dressing of vinegar and oil.

The healthy oils are extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil or extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. The healthy vinegars are sukang Ilocos, or sukang niyog, which are raw. Avoid the highly advertised vinegars which are highly processed.

After the salad, 2 tablespoons of raw pork pancreas and 3 tablespoons of raw beef liver, with 3 cloves of crushed raw garlic, a cup of blanched saluyot or spinach or kangkong or kamote leaf tops, and brown rice with red malagkit. You can have bagoong with the blanched green leaves to make them delicious.

If after this, you're still hungry, you can have any cooked food (fish, shell fish, chicken) but no red meats. If you are a cancer patient, remember, eat 100% raw for the first 6 months. Finish with a fresh ripe mango or with a raw ripe saba banana. Raw saba has 3x the potassium of latondan and 6x of lakatan.

Dinner. Same pattern as lunch. Be sure to eat the raw foods first ahead of the cooked foods to have enzymes already in the stomach to help digest the cooked foods that follow.

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